Radiology is one of the most common diagnostic modalities we use in the clinic. Radiology gives us a rapid and relatively non-invasive look inside the body from head to tail. Radiographs help us assess not only the skeleton of the pet but also the organs within the chest and abdomen. Uniquely within SAVC, radiology is utilized with our other diagnostic modalities such as ultrasound and CT imaging to rapidly and effectively diagnose your pet.

SAVC utilizes a modern digital radiology system that allows us to gather high quality, diagnostic images rapidly with little stress to your pet. Within seconds images are available for review. Also when utilizing a digital system, we can quickly share radiographic images to boarded veterinary radiologists, who are uniquely qualified to evaluate radiographs and diagnose disease from such. Our digital system allows us utilize telemedicine and veterinary specialists to provide your pet the best care possible within hours.

Our digital dental radiology system allows capture of images of the teeth and surrounding structures to guide our treatment of dental disease. Uniquely we can combine the information from radiology with our CT imaging to best diagnose and treat your pet. Additionally, the dental system allows detailed radiographs of our smallest patients including pocket pets, lizards, and other exotic patients.

The applications of radiology are nearly endless but can include

Evaluation for broken bones or trauma

· Evaluation for bone and joint disease including arthritis

· Evaluation of the thorax and lungs for disease such as cancer and infection

· Evaluation of the abdomen for disease

· Puppy count for pregnant females

· Bladder evaluation for stones (including intra-operative radiology to assess for complete stone removal)

· Evaluation of the skull and dental structures

Radiology remains an essential tool to the veterinarian but SAVC has taken radiology to the next level but also offering ultrasound and CT imaging to complement our radiology service.

Tibia Fracture Repair

Femur Fracture Repair

Dental Radiology

Urolith (Bladder Stones)