From that first exciting day you bring your new puppy/kitten home to that sad day we say goodbye, the staff of SAVC is here. We want to share the journey with you and your pet, the ups and the downs. That is why we are committed to creating a relationship with your pet and your family.

We are here to help provide the early vaccine protection your puppy/kitten needs to start a lifetime of health. In addition, SAVC provides Puppy Kindergarten and behavioral consultations to create a healthy and lasting bond.  Our commitment to a low stress experience remains as we are certified in Fear Free Practice and Sophia Yin’s Low Stress Handling. We at SAVC not only strive to be providers for all your pet’s health needs but also educators to guide you thru important decisions and understanding for your pet’s best life.

Whether your pet needs preventative care or isn’t feeling well we are here with our staff and full complement of diagnostics and imaging. No one plans for accidents and/or orthopedic disease but our orthopedic surgery team is prepared offering diagnostic imaging, CT capabilities, and specialized surgical proceduresDental services are so important to prevent pain and discomfort as well as reduce systemic issues  for our pets and our team is prepared to safely offer the necessary service for a healthy smile for life.  As your pet ages, they will require different veterinary care, more information about the senior years is available on our Senior Pets page.

While we always strive to cure and heal, when your pet’s end of life comes we offer a team-centered approach to maintaining their comfort and quality of life until the decision to euthanize or natural death occurs. We hope not to extend suffering but to prevent it at all for our beloved patients. Our end of life services are done with compassion as we share in your sadness and pain after a lifetime of companionship.