CT Scan

CT Scan

Cone beam computed tomography (CT) has revolutionized our ability to detect subtle hard and soft tissue abnormalities within our patients. Cone beam CT is unique from a conventional CT in that it has a X-ray generator and detector that rotates around the patient, capturing data with a cone-shaped beam. This modality then allows us to create 3-D (360-degree) reconstruction along with the CT slices of the area of concerns.


Our NewTom CT fills the gaps left behind by two-dimensional radiographs. In just 18 seconds we can rapidly diagnosis:

  • Middle and inner-ear disease
  • Sinus disease and neoplasia
  • Disease and fractures of the skull
  • Metastatic lung disease
  • Dental and oral disease
  • Disease of the forelimb (ie elbow disease, shoulder disease, etc)
  • Disease of the hindlimb (hips, stifles, hock disease)
  • Disease of the spine (including intervertebral disc disease)


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