Cone beam computed tomography (CT) has revolutionized our ability to detect subtle hard and soft tissue abnormalities within our patients. Cone beam CT is unique from a conventional CT in that it has a X-ray generator and detector that rotates around the patient, capturing data with a cone-shaped beam. This modality then allows us to create 3-D (360-degree) reconstruction along with the CT slices of the area of concerns.

Our NewTom CT fills the gaps left behind by two-dimensional radiographs. In just 18 seconds we can rapidly diagnosis:

  • Middle and inner-ear disease
  • Sinus disease and neoplasia
  • Disease and fractures of the skull
  • Metastatic lung disease
  • Dental and oral disease
  • Disease of the forelimb (ie elbow disease, shoulder disease, etc)
  • Disease of the hindlimb (hips, stifles, hock disease)
  • Disease of the spine (including intervertebral disc disease)


Rabbit Skull

The bright white long lines are the molars, or cheek teeth. He is also missing all of his incisors.

Dental Disease

The CT shows the bone surrounding several of the teeth is getting eaten away as well as an abscess secondary to dental infection.

Bone Tumor

This bone cancer is causing abnormal growth as well as eat away at the normal bone structure of the humerus near the elbow.

Disc Disease

There is evidence of a mineralized intervertebral disc extending into the spinal canal. This patient has hindlimb pain, weakness, and may progress to paralysis.

Nasal Polyp

By comparing the left & right sinus cavity you can see the polyp (mass) taking up the entire airway. The big round areas are eyes!

Jaw Fracture with Dental Disease

This pet has a fractured mandible, or lower jawbone, as well as severe dental disease. You can also see the tube that is placed to allow us to breathe for them while under sedation.


The bone cancer is causing abnormal growth as well as eating away at the humerus at the level of the shoulder.


CT is the preferred method of imaging for rabbits due to the speed of imaging and low stress and the extensive information provided.