Did you know State Avenue Veterinary Clinic offers the Libre continuous glucose monitor for dogs and cats with diabetes mellitus?

The Libre device is commonly used for humans with diabetes and gathers data regarding the patient’s blood glucose response to the insulin administered as well as the effects of meals.

Because we want the best possible care for our diabetic patients, we have adapted the Libre continuous glucose monitor for our animal patients.

Historically we did “blood glucose curves” where the patient stayed in clinic thru the day and the patient’s blood glucose was monitored every 1-2 hours with a small poke and drop of blood collection. The limitations of this method included just 8-10 hours of data, repeat pokes, and stress to the animal leaving its home and staying in the clinic. Stress and subtle changes from their normal environment can play a huge role in the pet’s response to insulin.

Diabetes is a growing problem for many of our patients and the Libre continuous monitor offers a simpler, cost effective way to help monitor and treat our patients.

Benefits include

  • Same or less cost for more data than a typical glucose curve
  • Monitoring of the pet’s blood glucose day and night
  • Allows 10-14 days of continuous glucose monitoring
  • The sensor is small (about a quarter sized) and well tolerated (disposed after use)
  • An easy to use Iphone app acts as a reader OR a multiple-use reader can be purchased
  • No repeat poking or attempts to get blood by an owner
  • The pet stays at home reducing their stress
  • Convenient sharing of the information by the owner to the veterinarian
  • More accurate understanding of the pet’s glucose at home

The Libre monitor not only makes life less stressful for the diabetic pet, but gives us the valuable information we need to best treat our diabetic patients.  Contact your veterinarian with any questions on the readings and do not make dosing changes without their advise.