Whether scaled, furry, or pokey our pets bring us joy and companionship. Proper care and husbandry at home can prevent or alleviate may illnesses seen in exotic pets. For example, just a simple error in diet could have detrimental results for many species, from rabbits to geckos. That is why we recommend annual health checks and/or new pet visits to evaluate your pet’s health and discuss his/her at home care.

We recognize the limitations of specialist exotic pet care in our rural location and so work closely with specialists and experts thru out the country to help your pet receive the care it needs. Please call the clinic at (701) 483-3181 to speak with a technician about our level of experience and abilities to treat your pet.

If you have an appointment scheduled for a reptile please fill out the form below and send it and any necessary photos of the enclosure to stateavevet@gmail.com prior to your appointment.

Reptile Form

Lafeber Vet Animal Information Sheets

Learn more about the specifics of exotic animals. Their directory is extensive, but some of our commonly seen animals are below.