Meet Our Team

Client Services



Diana is our remote receptionist located in Mukwonago, WI.  She joined our practice in 2014.  Diana is the voice you hear when you call the clinic.   She does the scheduling of appointments other clerical duties, and is happy to help with our client's needs. Dianna tries to visit North Dakota every summer to come to the clinic and visit staff and have face to face visits with our clients.   She enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to Broadway musicals, reading, and spending time with her husband and fur babies, Eli and Mia.  


Denise is the in-house receptionist at State Avenue Vet Clinic. She has been working at the clinic off and on for about three years. Oringially from Chicago,  she has been in North Dakota for twelve years. She's been married to her wonderful husband for fourteen years and has four children and five grandchildren. Along with her family, Denise's two passions in life are the non-profits she's worked with for the last 6 years, AIDSpirit and Sustainable Vets International.  These organizations have provided opportunities to give and have taken her to wonderful places and countries afar such as South Korea, Uganda, Japan and Nicaragua.

Licensed Veterinary Technicians

Veterinary technicians are highly trained individuals who are credentialed professions just like human nurses; in addition, they are also certified anesthetists, surgery technicians, radiology technicians, laboratory technicians and dental hygienists.  


Mellissa Stafford BS, LVT 

Mellissa is a licensed veterinary technician that joined our practice in 2017. She earned a Bachelors in Psychology from Black Hills State University in 2009, then earned her Associates in Veterinary Technology from National American University in Rapid City, SD in 2012. Mellissa worked at a vet clinic in Hettinger, ND refining her small animal skills. Mellissa has taken a multi-faceted approach to her career,  working in veterinary medicine, surgery, rehabilitation, and now is focusing her attention as a Behavior Advocate for State Avenue Veterinary Clinic.   She is Low Stress Handling Certified Silver and Fear Free Certified. Her hobbies include baking and bringing delicious goodies for team members at the clinic.  Mellissa is our resident crazy cat lady and her home is ruled by 6 cats, and 2 Great Danes. 

Veterinary Assistants


Hallie is Lead Medicine Vet Assistant and has been working at State Avenue Veterinary Clinic since March 2017. Hallie was born and raised here in Dickinson ND. Hallie is currently going to college at Cedar Valley to obtain her Associates Degree to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. Hallie is Low Stress Handling, and Fear Free Certified. Hallie is cross trained in all aspects of our clinic, but she enjoys being in internal medicine the most. Hallie is  head of our training program for vet assistants. She loves sharing her knowledge, helping and educating her team members. She uses her skills of being a great teacher during client education on various topics as well. During her free time her hobbies include crocheting, reading and listening to music. Hallie shares her home with her 2 dogs Leira, an Aussie mix, Kenzie, an Husky mix, and her 2 cats, Sherlock and Watson. 


Aubri is a veterinary assistant that joined State Avenue Vet in April of 2018. She moved to North Dakota from Kentucky in September of 2013. She is completing her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology at Ashworth College and is also Low Stress Handling Certified Silver and Fear Free Certified. She is very interested in anesthesia, surgery, dentistry and loves to advance her knowledge in care and husbandry for reptiles. In her spare time, she enjoys hunting, fishing, competing in Spartan races around the United States and hiking with her 3 dogs. We cannot forget about her 2 bearded dragons she has at home as well.


Kara is a veterinary assistant that joined our practice in 2019. She earned an Associates degree in Animal Science at Bismarck State College. She is now completing her Associates degree in Veterinary Technology at Ashworth College. Kara is Low Stress Handling Certified Silver and will be achieving Fear Free Certification this year. Her hobbies include hunting, fishing, and spending time on the farm with her dog, Milo. 


Destiny has been a veterinary assistant with SAVC since May 2019; she is working towards her Associate’s Veterinary Technician degree from Penn Foster. After graduation, she would like to continue her studies to expand exotic animal veterinary medicine in the area. At the age of 15, she began working with multiple rescues and low costs spay and neuter clinics in Colorado and has since expanded her interest and love of veterinary medicine. Destiny is cross trained in all aspects of the clinic, including equipment management and maintenance. Her main clinic focuses are surgical assisting and exotic animal medicine. Additionally, she is certified in Low Stress handling, and Basic and Advanced Life Support. Destiny’s hobbies consist of doing arts and crafts, and spending time with her animals (Reddington, her Great Dane; Angus her English Bulldog; and multiple reptiles), and family. 


Alexis has been with the clinic since October of 2019. She is currently erolled in a veterinary technician program online through Lake Area Technical Institute. She will be graduating in December with her AAS with a major as a large animal technician. She plans on continuing her education to become an LVT. When she isn't at work she can be found outside doing activities with her son, Aidyn, and their dog Clyde. Some of her favorite hobbies include hunting, fishing, and attending rodeos. 


Hannah Blanchard  grew up in Marysville OH and graduated from Dickinson High School.  She attended one year at DSU and is currently enrolled in the veterinary technican program at Penn Foster.  Her lobbies are playing video games and drawing.  She also likes to watch vet tech movies showing people working on zoo animals. She likes working at State Ave Vet because the doctors are easy to work with and understand while willing to explain things if you have questions on the  procedures. Hannah has 3 cats named Nala, Cinder and Milo. 


Kacey joined us in March of 2020. Kacey grew up in Orange County, California until she decided to move to North Dakota for some other job opportunities. She is currently a student with Penn Foster in pursuit of her Veterinary Technician degree. Kacey has always had a love for animals and has a dream of working in a zoo. She is married with 2 step daughters and has a few pets of her own. She likes to spend any spare time she has with family, traveling and doing anything outdoors. She’s a big fan of the Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Penguins and can often be found doing crafts or puzzles.   


Adam was born in Louisiana and raised in Katie, Texas. After graduation, he moved to North Dakota in 2012.  In school, Adam enjoyed being part of the track team and basketball team   Some of Adam‘s many hobbies include photography, hunting and anything related to the outdoors!  By his side at all times is Daisy Duke, his trusty hunting dog, and companion.  In the future, Adam hopes to be traveling to places like Australia and Hawaii where he can continue to explore his interests with animals and try his hand at big game hunting. Some of the things he likes best about living in North Dakota is the fact that he has created lots of friendships and everyone is easy to talk to. This has made networking with friends much easier than living in a larger city.  What Adam enjoys most about working with his team members at State Ave Vet would be the interaction with animals, learning new things, and all of the new friendships he has made. Little fact about Adam, he loves everything related to the game of basketball! That would include playing, watching and photographing teams play, coaching and learning new strategies. He continues to improve on his basketball skills by going to a nationwide program that takes place every year, which is coached by some of the most well-known basketball players around the nation.

  • Shelley lenz
    Dr. Shelley Lenz DVM PH.D

    Dr. Shelley is the owner of Killdeer Vet Clinic and State Ave Vet Clinic.  Dr. Shelley earned her Ph.D. in pharmacology from University of Pennsylvania in 1996. She earned her DVM degree from Ohio State University in 2001. She worked as an equine vet at the prestigious Hagyard-Davidson-McGee in Lexington, KY until 2004. Realizing her vocation in life is to bring quality and accesible veterinary care to rural areas,  she moved to the Great Plains and also began to work internationally serving the underserved.  She also is the founder of Sustainable Vets International, a 501c3 nonprofit international organization whose mission is to 'reduce animal suffering globally'. When she's not working she enjoys a simple life in her straw-bale house reading.  Travel to Nicaragua keeps Dr. Shelley on the run.  She is currently not seeing medical appointments so she can focus her clinic on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, sharing her sustainable growing project with those in Uganda, Africa and educating others on personal health and wellness, which contributes to easing animal suffering internationally.  Her belief is 'Wellness starts at home'.

  • Jessie Evoniuk
    Dr. Jessie Evoniuk DVM, MS

    Dr. Jessie has been with State Ave Vet clinic since 2012. She is an 2010 graduate from Iowa State Veterinary College. Dr. Jessie spent her first 2 years in Rapid City, SD in a general and emergency referral practice where she developed her top-of-the line medicine and surgery expertise. Upon coming to our clinic she has focused on developing our dentistry services, chemotherapy services, and ultrasound services. When she is not developing new techniques and tackling tough complicated medical cases, Dr. Jessie enjoys the farm/ranch lifestyle with her husband, Brad, and 2 boys, Jacob and Caleb......and of course a menagerie of pets.

  • Raul Casa Dolz
    Dr. Raul Casas-Dolz VMD, CCRT

    Dr. Raul joined our practice in 2014. He is originally from tropical Puerto Rico, where he obtained a bachelors degree in Animal Industry in 2000.  He obtained his veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004.  After vet school, he completed a year long equine internship at Reid & Assoc., an equine medical and surgical referral clinic in the high-end sport horse country of South Florida.  After the intensive internship, he spent 9 yrs as a staff surgeon concentrating on colic and other soft tissue surgeries, arthroscopy, laparoscopy and sports medicine (lameness).  He joined our staff in 2014 bringing his surgical and equine expertise to develop new services to be offered in western North Dakota.  His focus is in orthopedic surgery and lameness in small animals, and all things equine (lameness, surgery, ultrasound, reproduction).  In addition, since 2001 he has committed part of his off time to provide veterinary services in remote, impoverished regions of Latin America.   On his spare time he enjoys listening to music, hunting in the badlands, watching sports (go Eagles!) and crossfit workouts.  He also doesn’t mind relaxing at home with an array of furry friends

  • Laura Beaudoin
    Dr. Laura Beaudoin DVM

    Dr. Laura just joined our practice in 2015. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Microbiology from North Dakota State University in 2009 and her veterinary degree from Colorado State University in 2013.  She worked as a mixed animal practitioner in Valley City, ND for 2 years before joining the State Avenue Veterinary and turning her focus to small animal medicine.  Dr. Laura has focused on additional training in animal acupuncture and other medical based alternative therapies including low-level laser therapy.  Through these techniques Dr. Laura brings a new energy to our practice, encouraging a natural and scientific approach to complete wellness for her patients' overall health.  When not working on medical cases Dr. Laura is an active member of the Board of Directors for the North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association where she has been involved in tracking legislative issues that may be affecting the veterinary profession and their ability to care for animals of all sizes.  In her spare time she enjoys biking, traveling abroad, playing racquetball, and reading.  Dr. Laura and her husband, Brandon,  have one entertaining kitty, 'Little Mo'.