SAVC is proud to be one of the few general practice clinics in western ND to be able to offer surgical expertise for orthopedic problems. Dr. Raul has received extensive training on fracture repair techniques as well as treatment options for ACL injuries.

ACL Injuries

Cranial cruciate ligament pathology is a leading cause of hind limb lameness in dogs. The injury to the ACL results in instability of the knee which leads to rapid formation of arthritis and increasing risk of injury to the opposite hind limb as well.  There are a couple surgical treatments have been described that aim to restore the stability of the knee joint stability and slow the progression of arthritis.  The tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) procedure is the most common procedure performed in medium to large breed dogs and the goal is to change the weight-bearing surface of the knee.


Fractures are very complicated surgical cases because they are never the same!  See the photo gallery for some images of surgical fracture repairs.  Casts very uncommon in the veterinary world because of the risk of cast sores, the difficulty of getting a patient to wear them for months, and there are few areas on the dog or cat that can be adequately stabilized with a cast.